The 'Dogcity difference'

What sets us apart? DogGY daycare looks fun, but there is actually a lot of careful and expert thought, research and planning that goes in to offering an enriching, safe, positive & effective daycare program.


Our Dogcity Team are constantly immersing themselves in, and responding to, the latest doggy research. We correspond with local Vets, behaviour experts, trainers and other daycare facilities nationally and internationally.

One of the things we do to ensure we are providing the best Dogcity Experience to our furry clients is encourage rest periods throughout the day. Allowing our friends to relax, find some space and recharge sets them up for success in participating in positive socialisation for the remainder of the time. 

we're the 'top dog' when it comes to CLIENT INTERACTION

We aim for a 'we've just had 4 red cordials and a litre of coffee' kind of energy at Dogcity Daycare. Our team love people almost as much as they love dogs, and are always on hand to answer every single one of your questions, queries... and to cuddle your dog - It's all about ensuring you receive the very best 'Dogcity Experience' every time you walk through our doggy door.

Having recently been nominated for a 'Customer Service' Award (Eastside Business Awards) we're obviously doing something right, but like all good dogs, we always strive for more and are eager to please. We would LOVE to hear your feedback; feedback helps us to learn, grow and help us to constantly improve and innovate our Dogcity Experience. 



We like to think of ourselves as over-sharers; aaaaaand outside of playing with dogs, our next favourite thing to do is to talk about them!

Not only will our team let you know who your dog played with, which friends they made, the types of games they played and answer any questions you may have; but we will correspond with you throughout the day in regards to any changes in behaviour or health (itchy, upset tummy, extra sleepy etc) so that together we can ensure we are offering your dog the best possible Dogcity Experience.

We believe offering a top notch service requires a collaborative approach, so we work closely with doggy pawrents to ensure we know all there is to know about their pup.

...AND rest assured, if your dog doesn't like daycare WE'LL TELL YOU! We know that dog daycare isn't for everyone and thats absolutely okay. We're certainly not in the business of looking after dogs who don't enjoy our company as much as we enjoy theirs. Dogcity is not a 'business', it's an 'experience'.

we offer individualised care for DOGS WITH EXTRA-SPECIAL NEEDS

We are lucky enough to share our time with dogs of all different shapes, sizes and abilities. Just because a dog may have a physical 'limitation', does not mean that their desire to socialise and participate is limited in any way. Why should these extra special furry friends miss out!?

We have dogs with visual impairments, one-eye, three legs, degenerative spinal disorders, epilepsy, anxiety disorders, complete or partial deafness (we just learn their specific doggy sign language) plus a whole host of other differences that make them extra special.

Providing dogs have a veterinary clearance and are suitable for our daycare program, we have all of the resources and skills required to accomodate their extra specialness.


We're the puppy-experts

In 2017 we saw and loved over 300 puppies - that's ALOT, right? 

We are proud to offer Adelaide's only puppy-specific daycare socialisation program, our 'Positive Puppy Pawgram'. Our team know exactly how to interact with puppies to ensure we are exposing them to just the right amount of positive socialisation, rest, training and stimulation.

Each of our facilities offer a puppy specific play space, puppy oriented games and activities, crates for resting, 1:1 staffing for puppy meal times and even puppy specific toys.

Fid out more about our 'Positive Puppy Pawgram' here.

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