our positive puppy PAwGRAM, the best way to socialise your newest family member in adelaide!

Revolutionising puppy socialisation as we know it; to create a better, safer and happier Adelaide canine-community.

More than just dog daycare, we’re passionate about creating a society rich in great doggy citizens. Offering positive socialisation experiences to puppies under six months of age, and specifically designed with the help of some of Adelaide's leading pet care professionals, our 'Positive Puppy Pawgram' is not only affordable, accessible and educational, but fundamental to well-rounded puppy development.

As the RSPCA Australia states, "Proactively socialising your puppy is very important. Puppies have what is called a 'critical socialisation period' between approximately 3 -17 weeks of age. The puppy’s experiences during this critical period of learning and development can influence and shape their behaviour well into adulthood. Providing plenty of opportunities for socialisation and exposure to different environments during this time can help to ensure your puppy grows into a well-adjusted adult that relates well to other dogs, other animals and people," so that's where we come in!


At Dogcity we’re passionate about creating a safer canine society, rich in great doggy citizens, and we know that we are just the people to do it! We believe that all dogs should have the opportunity to practice positive socialisation experiences which they can then use later as the foundation upon which they base all of their future social interactions. We know that the more dogs in Adelaide who experience positive socialisation, the greater chance we have of a reaching our goal of a safer canine community for all.

Affordable, accessible, educational and meaningful; these are the four things that encompass our Dogcity Daycare 'Positive Puppy Pawgram.'

What ACTUALLY IS THE 'PAWGRAM'? For only $100 your pup gets...

  1. FIVE small group socialisation sessions
  2. Socialisation with other fully vaccinated puppies under six months of age
  3. One-on-one environmental socialisation for your puppy with one of our PAWSOME Pack Leaders (e.g. sounds, textures, smells, sights, people etc)Basic crate training
  4. Access to a wide range of modern enrichment toys and activities
  5. Reinforcement of basic obedience training already being practiced at home
  6. Information booklet filled with invaluable information from some of South Australia’s leading pet care professionals
  7. Scheduled lunch and rest breaks with one of our PAWSOME Pack Leaders

…all in a separate and specifically designed, customised, safe and managed play space!


How much does it cost? When is it? How do we enrol our puppy? When does it start?

The cost of our 'Positive Puppy Pawgram' is only $100.00.

We would love for you to be apart of our 'Pawgram'. Either call, email or drop into to one of our facilities to find out what information you need to start.

Like with our existing daycare program, our 'Positive Puppy Pawgram' is offered during all normal hours of operation, to ensure maximum convenience for all puppy parents.


Do I stay with my dog?

Nope, you leave the hard work to us!

While you are at work, socialising or just taking a break, we are working hard with your newest family member to provide them as many positive socialisation experiences as possible. Over the course of FIVE days, our staff will engage your puppy in a whole new world of dog-to-dog socialisation, people, sounds, sights and experiences.