our story: welcome to the dogcity daycare family

More than just a dog daycare, Dogcity Daycare is the small, family-business, passion, love and obsession of Alex and Daniel; and they're on a mission to not only make Dogcity the happiest place in the world, but to change the dogs of Adelaide, to create a better, safer canine-community for all - big dream you say? Yeah, well... that's just how we roll at Dogcity!

the dogcity difference

With close to four years’ experience in the dog daycare industry, and the only dog daycare owners in Australia with three facilities, Alex and Dan like to think of themselves as industry leaders. This was reflected in the Fast Movers Awards 2017, where Dogcity Daycare was named South Australia’s 19th fastest growing business. Coupled with our recognition by Bupa Australia as one of the Top 10 Pet Care Providers in the country, Alex and Dan, with the help of Evie, their amazing team, and Dogcity Daycare, are proud to offer a dog daycare experience of the highest possible standard.

Alex and Dan are passionate about offering a dog daycare program that is positive, meaningful, purposeful, and convenient, in the hope that their furry clients not only have an amazing experience while they are at Dogcity Daycare, but also one that provides a lasting impression so that they can leave our doggy doors with the skills and confidence to successfully participate in positive play in our community. More than just a dog daycare, we’re on a mission to ensure Adelaide’s canine-community is the best, safest and most FUN in the country.

Working full-time in the business, to say Alex and Dan are passionate and committed to what they do would be an understatement. They love Dogcity like it is just another member of their family, and they promise you will to.

our why?

Before being the proud owners of Dogcity Daycare, we were clients with our Great Dane, Fergus. We know first hand what it feels like to be on both sides of Dogcity doggy-door - we think this is why we 'get' the importance and value of the daycare experience so much.

Fergus was a special needs dog with a multitude of health issues, and for him, Dogcity was one of the few places - along with our home -  where he could safely experience happiness. When we lost Fergus suddenly, and quite horrifically, we realised that Dogcity had a purpose far greater than just being a fun-hub for dogs to play in, we needed to create a place that was a home away from home, where dogs were cared for and loved like they are our own.

The Dogcity experience is so much more than meets the eye, we have and continue to, spend countless hours finding ways to offer a purposeful, meaningful and enjoyable daycare experience for furry and non-furry clients alike; an experience that has all of the love and comfort of home, with the excitement, energy, mental and physical stimulation and fun that all dogs crave and need. 

Family + community

With the exciting arrival of our first non-furry baby Evie, in 2015, our perspective on family business, community and dog-safety changed. We realised that Dogcity, and us, are key stakeholders in creating a safer canine-community for dogs and humans alike, and that we had an obligation to provide a business which was less 'business-y' and more family.

Our Dogcity 'immediate-family' is an exceptionally close one, with our team spending time outside of work together. We are more than colleagues; we all call each other family, and we all genuinely get along - crazy, right? Dogcity is more than just our immediate family, it's our extended family. It's YOU that helps to make Dogcity the happiest place in the world; we are so fortunate to get to know and love all of your dogs, be welcomed into your worlds, 

We are extremely proud of the Dogcity family and culture that we have created; in fact, we think you'd be hard pressed to find a family of 32 staff and LOTS of doggy and human clients that have the closeness and meaningful-relationships that we do. And lets be honest, why would you want to leave your beloved pet with someone you didn't mutually respect or connect with. So welcome to our crazy, fun-filled, loved-up family, we are genuinely so excited to have you join us!