More than just a dog daycare... There's so much more to Dogcity than meets the paw!

birthday + 'gotcha' day party packages

At Dogcity Daycare we are renowned for being a real bunch of party animals, so when it comes to doggy Birthday and Gotcha' parties, we like to think we're the best at throwing them!

Introducing our 'Dogcity Daycare Birthday Package', we take the hard work out of party planning and do it all for you. Our packages cost $34.99 and include:

  • A Scruffie's Pet Food Birthday meatloaf-cake (in blue, pink or orange), made specifically for Dogcity Daycare and kept right here to save you the hassle of organising pick up/delivery.
  • A take-home treat bag with tasty Scruffie's Pet Food cheese-flavoured treats
  • A party at Dogcity with your pup's besties at daycare
  • Party photo uploaded onto our Facebook page

*As an alternative to our 'Birthday Package', treats can be lovingly sent from home by doggy parents, or purchased in our Concierge area... if you do decide to make your own tasty treats for your dog to share with their furry friends, just don't forget to give us a list of the ingredients. 

Birthday Package available to existing clients only, and not for pups on their first day with us. If you'd like your dog to have a party, please plan ahead. 

rescue/foster discounted daycare

At Dogcity Daycare we are so grateful for the amazing work that local charities and rescues do in helping Adelaide's less fortunate canines, and we want to do our bit; for this reason we offer HALF PRICE daycare* for dogs currently in foster care with the RSPCA, AWL SA and other organisations. If you know a sociable foster pup who would love to join us for daycare, enquire today!

*Limited to one visit per week