Dogcity Daycare
We are proud to be Nationally 'Force-Free' Accredited

How it works!


We know we make it look easy, but here is a little insight into how we make Dogcity the happiest place in the world!



We get dogs! Our team know how to read and understand dog behaviour, and as such can identify any unwanted behaviours before they even arise. We keep our dogs stimulated and engaged at all times - happy and enriched dogs rarely exhibit unwanted behaviours.

We have now gone one step further, employing FIVE ‘Canine Enrichment Officers’ who’s job it is to come up with new, exciting and engaging enrichment activities for your dogs. This PAWSOME team, are surplus to our regular team, and their job is to make sure that every single day all of the dogs in our care are receiving the personalised enrichment and care that they deserve.

Just like in your home, at Dogcity Daycare we have a set of basic rules and boundaries that allow the dogs to engage in a safe and happy manner. We encourage the dogs to follow these by rewarding positive behaviours (lots and lots of doggy cuddles and sometimes even delicious treats!) and by asking dogs who need a reminder, to slow down and 'sit' with us until they are ready to play again. 

We believe a dog’s organic instincts, drives and communication must be learned by humans, not the other way around, and the satisfaction of a dog’s natural drives are key to a successful and happy co-existence with our dogs. We fill our play pens with equipment and toys, and our team are trained in facilitating safe play through games and activities that your dog will absolutely love!



Our Dogcity Daycare team have many skills, gifts, experience and talents between them. We have Gaby, a Veterinarian from Ecuador, qualified Veterinary Nurses, Emergency Veterinary Nurses, Veterinary Surgery Assistants, Bachelor of Animal Science Graduates + a bunch of other fantastic, highly-skilled people. Our team regularly undergo training with some of Adelaide's leading animal professionals; from Veterinarians to Dog Trainers and Animal Behaviour Consultants, as well as working closely with other dog daycare’s Australia wide, we make sure that we have a highly-trained and educated team looking after your dog.



Every day is a new day, and at Dogcity Daycare, that is no exception. Each morning, all of the pups who walk through our doggy door are assessed on their size, temperament and energy level. We factor in whether or not your dog has exercised, how many days they are with us during the week, any changes in the home environment and the placement of siblings, amongst other things. Then, using all of this information we are able to determine which play pen is best for your pup.

Your dog is able to move between the play pens as many times throughout the day as required, so if Fido's early morning walk is catching up on him and he's after a post-lunch nap, he can trot on into a quieter play pen and snuggle up on a bed in there. Alternatively, if Rover has been suffering from a bit of Winter-weather cabin fever at home and is really looking to give those paws a run around, he can bounce on over to a pen where the energy level is more fitting of his own. Just like us, your dog’s energy levels will peak and trough during the day, and we endeavour to cater to their every mood change.

Owners communicating any changes in the home environment or in their dog’s regular routine or behaviour is vital; it gives us the information to ensure that we are supporting your dog in the very best, and most personalised way we can!