Have a question? we can answer it! check out our FADQ's (frequently asked dogcity questions) below:


Why does my dog have to be desexed?

In line with new, local government policy (under the Dog and Cat Management Act), at Dogcity Daycare all dogs over the age of six months are required to be desexed before attending daycare. This is something that we believe is fundamental to the safety and wellbeing of all of the dogs in our care.
We understand that in some instances that it may be recommended to delay desexing, in these cases - unless medical exemption can be provided by a Veterinarian - the dog will have to wait until after it is desexed to join us. No alternative forms of contraception or sterilisation are accepted (e.g. vasectomy)

Does daycare teach my dog how to socialise?

The short answer - no.. unless you have a puppy of course, in which case, the answer is a big, furry, yes!

Think of doggy daycare like the deep end of a swimming pool; to be able to swim in the pool, you've got to already know how to swim. If you're not already a competent swimmer, the pool might be a little overwhelming, and you should probably start at the shallow end, or even in the baby pool.

if you're curious to know if your dog will be suitable for daycare, call one of our facilities and our staff will be more than happy to guide you through some specific questions.


How do you make sure all of the dogs get along?

Our staff undergo regular and constant training with leading industry professionals, ensuring that we are always at the forefront of current research and best practice when it comes to dog behaviour. We literally are trained and experienced in facilitating safe dog socialisation, interaction and play.

Not every dog is suitable for the daycare environment, and all dogs are screened, assessed and monitored during their first day trial and subsequent visits.

It is important to remember that dogs, like humans, don't have a desire to be friends with every single other dog they meet, so our facilities are set up in a  way that allows dogs to interact with 'friends' who they enjoy spending time with, while also offering quieter play pens where dogs can take a break from the bouncing and chasing.


What kind of Vaccinations does my dog need to attend Dogcity?

All dogs who attend Dogcity Daycare most have a FULL C5 (inclusive of Canine Cough) Vaccination. The number of Vaccines that your dog receives in order to reach a full C5 varies between Veterinary clinics. All dogs in our care are up to date with their C5 vaccination, and proof of current vaccination is to be provided in the form of a Veterinary certificate annually, and is added to the dog's file. Titre Tests are also acceptable whereby clinical paperwork is provided as evidence. No alternate forms of vaccination are accepted (e.g. homeopathy)


Is dogcity daycare 'force-free'?

Dogcity Daycare is proud to be a member of the Pet Professional Guild of Australia. The PPGA is the association for force-free pet professionals. Supplementary to this, the Dogcity staff also undergo regular dog behaviour and management training with force-free professionals and Animal Behaviour Consultants.





Why does my dog have to be in as early as possible on it's first day?

We've been doing doggy daycare for a long time, and our experience has taught us 'the earlier the better'. By bringing your dog in nice and early on it's first day you are ensuring that we are setting your dog up positively and with the best possible chance of settling in and having fun.

Imagine walking into a room full of extremely excited people who all want to talk to you, but you don't know any of them? Overwhelming - huh? We believe that coming into daycare later in the day has a similar effect on our dogs.


How do you keep your facilities free from germs?

When you work with dogs, cleaning is just a fact of life, and our staff at Dogcity Daycare are CONSTANTLY cleaning (in-between playing with all of our furry friends, of course!). Our facilities are fitted with state of the art, vinyl epoxy, non-slip, non-porous flooring... it our speak, that means no germs can get into the flooring and stay there. Every single day we use a combination of bleach, as well as F10 and Trigene, Veterinary grade cleaning products.



I live in a fire-risk area. Is there anything you can do to help my dog?

Dogs who live in areas which are deemed as being a high or catastrophic risk of fire by the CFS (http://www.cfs.sa.gov.au/site/fire_bans_and_ratings.jsp) are welcome into either of our facilities, without prior booking (this applies to dogs whom are already enrolled with us), and will receive 20% off of the overall daycare fee for that day.


How do you decide what play pen the dogs go into?

We have 4+ play pens in each of our facilities. Each morning, all of the pups who walk through our doggy door are assessed on their size, temperament and energy level. We factor in whether or not your dog has exercised, how many days it spends with us during the week, any changes in the home environment, and the placement of siblings, amongst other things. Then using all of this information we are able to determine which play pen is best for your pup.

We assess based on a combination of size and energy, so it is not unusual for dogs of different sizes to be grouped together. It is all a part of the individualised care we offer each and every dog in our care.



Can I stay and watch my dog play?

Absolutely! We have Viewing Rooms - one in each facility - which are designed specifically for just that - watching your dog!

We recommend keeping your watching time to only a few short minutes, spending too much time standing in the Viewing Room where the dogs can see you can not only be distracting and a little confusing for your dog, but it can also be disruptive for all of the other dogs in our care.


Do you feed the dogs?

While we keep a record of what each dog's diet consists of, we don't feed dogs lunch while they are with us (with the exception of puppies under 6 months).

It is not recommended or advisable for dogs (especially large to giant breed dogs) to eat a large meal and then go running, bounding, rolling and chasing all of their friends in the play pens.

We offer dogs treats throughout the day, so please let us know if there is anything your doing can't have at the time of enrolment. 


How old does my dog have to be to join?

We do not have an age requirement at Dogcity Daycare, instead all dogs who want to come and play must have their full C5 vaccination (this can happen anywhere between 10 - 16 weeks).


Do you have air-conditioning?

Yes! All of our facilities have multiple air conditioning units. Being warehouses, we are restricted to using evaporative air conditioning units throughout our play pens, and refrigerated units in our Concierge and Staff areas.

During hot weather, puppies, seniors, brachycephalic breeds, and dogs with special needs are all taken out of the play pens into the staff areas for regular breaks to ensure they are getting the additional cool restful periods that they require. While we have the best possible air conditioning on the market, our facilities can get warm during Summer heatwaves, we balance this out with swimming pools, buckets filled with ice and treat-filled ice blocks for the dogs.


Why don't you have an outdoor area?

At Dogcity Daycare our focus is on positive socialisation experiences, not on simulating the 'backyard' environment. Dogs come to us to experience positive socialisation, play, enrichment and fun, in a germ-free environment - thanks to our state-of-the-art epoxy, vinyl, non-porous, non-slip flooring which is fully disinfected and cleaned daily.

With the number of dogs who come to us with allergies, skin issues, and also given the unpredictability of the weather, and our inability to guarantee the sterile and safe nature of an outdoor area, Dogcity Daycare is proud of boast three, fully equipped, custom designed, fully indoor daycare facilities on the outskirts of the CBD, where we can play and have fun everyday of the year - rain, hail or shine!

....and don't worry, not having grass to toilet on will make no difference to your dog's toileting habits at home. Luckily for everyone, dogs are clever enough to differentiate between different environments!