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Doggy Lunches


You’re not yourself when you’re hungry, and neither is your dog!

a warm casserole - where do we sign up?



Does your dog skip breakfast due to the excitement of daycare days? Do you have a puppy who needs regular meals to give them the energy to play and learn? Maybe you’re working later than usual and worried that your dog might get hungry if he/she doesn’t eat all day? Do you know that your dog uses ALOT of energy playing at Dogcity and may benefit from some midday re-fuelling? Some dogs can become tired and irritable if they get hungry, and for those dogs we recommend a lunch meal. If necessary, owners can either supply their dog’s regular food, or purchase one of our ‘Doggy Grub Doggy Lunches’ for only $4.99.

We are proud to offer delicious – so the dogs tell us! – chicken or kangaroo casseroles, thanks to our friends at ‘Doggy Grub’ for our doggy friends to devour during their time with us. The meal is portion controlled so as to alleviate those feelings of hunger, but not to completely fill the stomach. This ensures that the dogs can go back to playing without the added risk of an upset tummy or even bloat.

Any dog who has lunch with us is offered a lunch break in a separate play pen with a team member to have as their ‘lunch date’ - who wants to eat alone, right!? Our team member will offer your dog it’s food using one of our many enrichment games - no scoffing allowed here! - try to snap a photo of your dog eating for us to send to you, sit with your dog while their tummy settles after lunch, and then its back to play time!

It is recommended that ALL dogs under SIX MONTHS have lunch during each of their visits.

(We offer dogs treats throughout the day, so please let us know if there is anything that your dog can't have at the time of enrolment and beyond)

*Find out more about the PAWSOME Doggy Grub casseroles at