Dogcity Daycare
We are proud to be Nationally 'Force-Free' Accredited



Is it time for a new do, a wash and blow dry…or even a Paw-dicure?

introducing dogcity’s play-based grooming experience


Whether it's a bubble bath, blow dry, paw-dicure or full breed clip, the Dogcity Daycare Groomery has you covered! At Dogcity Daycare we believe in creating positive experiences for every dog we meet; for this reason we only Groom a small number of dogs each day, and our highly-skilled, trained and force-free (super star) Groomers ensure extended appointment times for plenty of cuddle, play and relaxation opportunity for all of our furry Grooming guests.

Our Team specialise in puppy grooming, full breed clips and dogs who require a little extra TLC during their pamper session. All Grooming appointments require a minimum SIX hour booking (the daycare part is FREE) so as to ensure our Grooming Team can spend adequate time with your dog before, during and after their groom, as well as allowing your pup to enjoy the opportunity to socialise in our daycare program with their friends.

We work with dogs, so we know that not all dogs like the grooming experience, which is why our team are trained in using enrichment activities such as ‘Licki Mats’ and treat balls for our doggy clients to enjoy during their grooming session. Of course, if a dog is letting us know that they are not having a good time, we will STOP. Dog wellbeing is far more important than a haircut, so we will stop the session, notify owners and engage the dog in positive play so that they can happily move past their worries.


Senior dogs, puppies, dogs who can find grooming overwhelming, really BIG dogs or even tiny ones, dogs who have previously had surgery, or who aren’t allowed to jump or jolt, this one is for you… EVERYTHING in our Grooming facilities is HYDRAULIC.

For full Grooming pricing, download the pricelist available HERE.