Dogcity Daycare
We are proud to be Nationally 'Force-Free' Accredited

Daycare Requirements

Daycare sounds pretty PAWSOME, right?

here are the requirements of enrolment at dogcity daycare!


Ask yourself:
Do you think that your dog will love Dogcity?
Does your dog already have the necessary social skills to participate in positive dog-to-dog socialisation?
Does your dog enjoy socialising?

Each First Day visit at Dogcity Daycare is a trial visit, and it is during this time that our highly-skilled team assess whether or not your dog is suitable for, and enjoying the Dogcity Daycare environment



There is no minimum age to enrol, however:

  • Your dog MUST be fully vaccinated (C5 Vaccination)

  • Your dog MUST have been in their home environment for at least two weeks prior to their first day with us. Too many changes at once can be potentially overwhelming.


All dogs who attend Dogcity Daycare MUST have a FULL C5 (inclusive of Canine Cough) Vaccination. Proof of current vaccination is to be provided prior to enrolment with us and then updated annually - we can also contact your Vet directly for this information.

Titre Tests are an acceptable alternative to annual vaccinations. Clinical paperwork showing adequate immunity must be provided as evidence.

No alternate forms of vaccination are accepted (e.g. homeopathy).

In line with new, local government policy (under the Dog and Cat Management Act), all dogs OVER THE AGE OF SIX MONTHS are required to be desexed before prior to attending daycare.

Can I get a desexing exemption from my Vet? In some very rare cases, a medical exemption may be considered whereby a genuine medical condition prevents the timely desexing of a dog. These cases are only considered after consultation with the dog’s Vet and our consultant Veterinarians, and alternative forms of sterilisation may be required prior to enrolment. Examples of genuine medical conditions that warrant exemption are: Conditions of the liver and kidney which may prevent the use of anaesthetic, high-grade heart murmur, Von Willebrand disease. Recommendations for delayed desexing on the grounds of ‘breed’ or ‘growth’ will not be considered for medical exemption.

We understand that in some instances it may be recommended to delay desexing - and that’s fine with us, we’ll just wait until your dog is desexed for them to enrol and play! (No alternative forms of contraception or sterilisation are accepted in lieu of desexing).



Dog daycare is for dogs who already enjoy dog-to-dog socialisation. If your dog has had any negative experiences, can become overwhelmed in social situations, responds negatively to new friends, or has had a limited socialisation history, give us a call BEFORE YOU ENROL and we can help work out whether daycare is right for your dog.