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If ‘Canine Enrichment Officer’ isn’t the coolest job title ever,
then we don’t know what is!

This is a super important role, and probably one of the most important to your dog’s experience. so here’s what a dogcity ceo does…


Canine Enrichment Officer - doggy fun like you’ve never known it!

Dogs having the best possible time at Dogcity is LITERALLY the most important thing to us, but sky is the limit when it comes to doggy fun, right? So we knew that in 2019 we were going to exceed the fun-o-metre and the love-o-metre for each and every dog who spends time with us. And this is how…

Our Canine Enrichment Officers or ‘CEO’s’ are a team of dog-crazy, bouncing-off-the-walls energetic, creativity-to-boot people who’s sole role at Dogcity is to research, innovate and create enrichment activities for all of our dogs. They work all day, every day to take your dog’s day from ‘AMAZING’ to ‘wiggle-butt, tail-wag, face-licking, OH MY DOG THIS IS AMAZING’, and at no extra charge to our human clients!

We strive to do so much more than just ‘care’ for your dog; we want to fulfil and enrich their lives, their interests and stimulate all of their doggy senses with games, scent activities, basic obedience, trick training, 1:1 cuddle time, small group play, music time, TV time, chase the CEO around the play pen time, PLUS anything else we can possibly think of. Our CEO’s get to know every dog in our care, learn what their favourite games and things to do are, and then they create an activity specifically for them… pretty incredible, isn’t it? it’s all just a part of the ‘Dogcity Difference’.