Dogcity Daycare
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Career Opportunities


It’s the million-doggy question, “How do I get a job at Dogcity Daycare?”

it takes a seriously pawsome person to work at dogcity. learn more about career opportunities here:


Current Job Opportunities:

There are currently no job opportunities available at Dogcity Daycare. Keep your eyes peeled for any future pup-dates!


What qualifications do I need to work at Dogcity?

While prior dog experience is looked upon favourably, the specifics of what we look for really depends on the role we have available at the time. Sometimes we look for people well versed with working with dogs or those animal-related qualifications, but other times we look for people with client interaction or leadership experience.

A love of dogs, willingness to learn, ‘i’ve just had red cordial for breakfast’ energy levels, and exceptional communication skills are a MUST for every, single Dogcity position.


Do you accept volunteers?

Unfortunately due to the extensive training required prior to working with our dogs we are unable to offer volunteer positions within our three facilities